I tell your career story in a refreshing new way. So that people listen... and love it.

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You already know the power of a great story. Now think about how wonderful it would be to talk about your career via such an engrossing tale. You have such a story inside you, but it generally takes someone like me to find it and articulate it in a truly compelling way.

This is what I do: weave engaging, original, and authentic career stories for my clients.

Because once you have your story, it changes everything, including how others perceive, pay, and promote you.

Your CAREER Story Package includes FOUR KEY components:

1. Your backstory — This is where it all begins; it’s the bulk of your career story. In significant detail, it explains why you are “you” today, how you help others, and what differentiates you. Finding this story and bringing it to life for others is my unique ability. Once you have your backstory, everything else becomes easy. Use this to redo all those other profiles and outreach efforts that just haven’t seemed right until now. It’s the perfect length and format for your LinkedIn summary.

2. Your “what I do” — This is your quick answer to a question that terrifies many (at parties, business events, etc.). It is a positive, memorable, and crystal-clear response to what makes you, well, you and speaks to your current role. Use this to replace your current job description on your Linkedin profile.

3. Your headline — This is the shortest, clearest possible description of your career and the value you add. In most cases, it is so brief it isn’t even a sentence. (And yes, you can use it as your social media headline.)


4. Your bio — Having a short, professional bio that captures your essence is a lifesaver. This is just the right length to submit for speaking engagements or presentations, to include in proposals, pitches and marketing materials, and when being interviewed or guesting on a podcast.

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