What If...

What if…

You believed you could conquer the world?

You gave yourself permission to be your awesome, authentic self?

You stopped worrying what other people might think?

You courageously came out of the shadows?

You followed your passion?

You stepped out of your comfort zone and into growth?

You took a chance?

You believed in yourself and your abilities?

You were unapologetically you?

You took a deep breath and went for it?

You said no to the negative things and people that no longer serve you?

You said yes to the positive things and people who get you? You knew your true purpose?

You weren’t entirely sure, but kept moving forward anyway?

You had no regrets or failures, only life lessons?

You allowed your curiosity to guide you to new experiences?

You transformed into the person you always knew you could be?

You embraced life’s infinite possibilities?

You asked yourself, “What if?”?

And, what if…

I told you it was okay to do all of the above, to inspire you to leap even though you were scared and nervous about taking that first step?

Would you? I hope so.

Never forget that you are the architect of your life; design one that makes you happy.

(Consider this your encouraging nudge.)