Writing is an Immersive Experience

There’s something about pure creative expression that pulls me in and swallows me whole. It could be a concert. Broadway musical. Performance. A painting, photograph or drawing. A film. Or even a piece of writing.


I lose myself. In all the best ways.


And it’s that immersive experience that I crave. And proactively seek. Because I understand the power it has to inspire.


For me, this happens when I write.

The waters of creativity envelope me.

The world falls away; I become one with my words.

And if crafted carefully, those words transform into something equally as immersive.

A delight for—and of—the senses emerges.

One in which you

Envision what could be,

Taste on your tongue the sweetness of joy and bitterness of setbacks,

Feel the nurturing embrace of encouragement,

Deeply inhale the scent of possibilities,

And hear the cadence of life, rejoicing in its rhythm.


And if I’m lucky,

Really lucky,

My reader comes back for more,

Providing me another opportunity

To surrender to the siren call of pure creative expression.