I don’t just write about communication, I speak about it, too.

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I frequently speak and lead workshops on the importance of practicing positive, genuine communications.  

My topics focus on cultivating “soft skills,” those interpersonal traits and skills that often go unnoticed, but are crucial for business success.


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My video series on soft skills

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What soft skill do employers seek most? CREATIVITY. Here are five ways to cultivate yours.

AWARENESS is the Mack Daddy of all the soft skills. This essential trait shows up in three ways—as self-awareness, awareness of others, and situational awareness—and with practice, can increase awareness of something equally important: your value.

Though many mistakenly believe PERSUASION is all about manipulation, this soft skill is really about influence. And when you master the art of persuasion, you’ll build your reputation as an effective communicator and collaborative leader.

What essential soft skill do Gary Vaynerchuk, Simon Sinek, and Oprah Winfrey all share? EMPATHY. This soft skill can help give you an edge as a leader—AND as a human being.

Workplace COLLABORATION isn't always easy. I share four ways you can boost yours.

TIME MANAGEMENT: Tim Ferriss calls it the key to his success and it’s been cited as one of the top five most in-demand soft skills by employers.

EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE is the ability to recognize, understand, and manage emotions in ourselves and others. It’s about making emotions work for you, instead of against you.

With this soft skill, it’s in your best interest to practice your ABCs: always be CURIOUS.


Leaders cite LISTENING as an essential soft skill because it demonstrates respect, builds trust, and makes people feel valued.

Brené Brown, Satya Nadella, Sara Blakely, and Gary Vaynerchuk are admired for their business acumen and leadership styles. But their real superpower is CONNECTING WITH OTHERS.

In today’s ever-evolving global marketplace, possessing ADAPTABILITY isn’t just a nicety; it’s essential for survival.

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Do you know what soft skill leaders practice to bridge gaps and encourage open dialogue and collaboration? KINDNESS.

GRIT: This soft skill is all about your ability to maintain a long-term focus on a highly important goal, and have the perseverance and passion to keep going, even when you get frustrated or feel challenged.

Some of my recent speaking engagements

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#Humansfirst club - Los angeles, CA


Hosted by Microsoft

Bring your voice, ideas, experiences and join in the conversation with these influencers, leaders and experts. Discover how great people and innovative companies are changing the game and inspiring growth in this new era of business.

Discover how leaders ignite and accelerate a shift in business culture to value humans first and solve today’s biggest business challenges. 
Expert Stories | Interactive Dialog | Networking 

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Silicon SLopes - PArk City, UT

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Hosted by Silicon Slopes Park City

ELEVATE OTHERS: A Proven Way to Grow Your Business, Life and Impact

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Searching for a more effective way to grow your company, advance your career, or expand your influence and impact? One approach has been proven to work in business strategy, social media, product development, talent acquisition, employee engagement, marketing, and even sales: ELEVATE OTHERS.

But... saying it and doing it are two different things. To see actual results, you have to live this strategy, day in and day out. In this event, you'll learn the key principles of using an "elevate others" model to drive everything you do in business.


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