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People tell me things; 
I write their stories.


"Amy hears the spaces between words and listens through to your passion. She captures what you say in ways you might not have been able to say for or about yourself. She is inspiring, warm, funny, and incredibly, incredibly good at what she does.

Ask her to write your story. You’ll see what I mean."

- A happy client


I offer strategic writing services to build your brand and your reputation as a thought leader. 

(Think of it as "stories as a service.")

I’m a ghostwriter and brand strategist who uses stories to strengthen personal brands. My specialty is helping company founders, corporate executives, entrepreneurs, leading speakers, and accomplished professionals to communicate in a manner that enhances their connection with clients, customers, investors, employees, and partners.

My secret sauce is my ability to unearth your story and articulate it in a truly compelling way, bringing it to life in short-form pieces that include:

  • Social media updates

  • Articles

  • About/bio pages

  • Custom content